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Hey, I'm Seth. I build FinTech applications at nCino and pipe dreams with my friends.

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About Me:

Product driven software engineer based in beautiful Wilmington, NC. Passionate about building software solutions which allow users to spend less time tinkering with platforms and more time creating the things they love. Documentation evangelist with a focus on building human readable systems and maintainable code bases. Podcast lover, Apple enthusiast, occasional gardener, and an aspirational cook.








Associate Software Engineer


2022 - Present

Lead engineering efforts to bring our flagship products, Document Manager and Smart Checklist, to WCAG 2.1 compliance. Overhauled internal template for API and Service Documentation, used across the entire engineering organization. Provided key contributions to nCino's next generation work management solution, Priority Manager. Migrated and refactored teams' pipeline to Github Actions to provide greater visibility into the CI process. Mentored an intern who eventually accepted a full time offer.

Graduate Research Assistant

UNCW - Mixed Reality Lab

2021 - 2022

Manage a six person agile development time, including mentoring 4 new developers. Provide guidance on the Unity XR framework as well as data collection within virtual reality experiments. Manage the server and all active developer tools essential to day-to-day operation (Wiki, API’s, Homepage).

Software Engineering Intern

Fidelity Investments

2021 - 2021

Created a proof of concept developer tool which substantially tightened the feedback loop between my team and other internal customers. Worked within an existing code base to create solutions which matched stylistically with my teams’ prior work. Technologies utilized: Java, Maven, AngularJS, AG-Grid, Windows Batch Scripting.

Application Development Intern

Metlife Insurance

2020 - 2020

Created a developer tool to aid the ingestion of external data into a single standardized internal database. This tool utilized python to extract, clean, and format data from flat files and then generate formatted non-xml bcp format files. The system included revision history as well as a per source file generation and bulk conversion of multiple external sources at once. Technologies utilized: SQLServer, Python, BCP, and Openpyxl.